KP Mathematics offers a variety of professional learning experiences . . . to address the challenges emerging from today’s mathematics classrooms.
Kim Rimbey

KP® Math Events

From leadership seminars to teacher institutes to conference presentations, KP Events empower participants to grapple with the major shifts in math education today.


KP Mathematics consultants present sessions at conferences across the U.S. Our sessions focus on the most important topics facing mathematics teaching and learning.

Leader Events

We share bright ideas for leaders, dealing with tough issues across many areas including supervision, professional learning, teacher leadership, and assessment in mathematics education.

Teacher Events

New ways of thinking, learning, and teaching math take center stage at KP Teacher Events. Balancing content and pedagogy, participants strategize ways to integrate KP methods into their instruction.

Upcoming Events

NCTM’s 100 Days of Professional Learning (Webinar)


The Ten Frame Grows Up: Using the “Infinite Ten-Frame” in K-Grade 5

Kim presented this session for NCTM on May 18, 2020 as a live webinar. The Ten Frame Grows Up was presented to a “sold-out” audience on Zoom, with a spill-over live audience of 900 on Facebook Live. It has since garnered 5.4K views on Facebook. You can check it out today by clicking below.

Click here to view The Ten Frame Grows Up recording on the NCTM website. 

Click here to download the powerpoint and free games. 

Webinar description: The ten-frame has been used as an organizational structure for numbers 0-10 for decades. However, this amazing tool has utility far beyond the early primary classroom. Join us as we explore ways to use the ‘infinite’ ten-frame structure to represent and operate with multi-digit numbers through classroom games and activities.

Beyond Math Blocks – COMING SOON

Teacher Event

COMING SOON – Summer 2020 – More information to come

Join us as we explore new ways of teaching and learning using Ten-Frame Mathematics. This six-week online event (with three months of continuous access) will include live sessions, webinars, downloadable books and activities, 24/7 access, networking opportunities, and much, much more!

If you would like to see a sample of what we’ll be covering, check out Kim’s NCTM presentation, The Ten Frame Grows Up, presented on May 18, 2020.

July 8, 2020 to July 10, 2020

Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching (CAMT) – Fort Worth, TX


Kim will be presenting 5 sessions for the virtual version of CAMT this year. Unfortunately, the live conference was cancelled due to the pandemic.

We’ll include more information about the online sessions HERE once it’s available.

For more information on this conference, click on the “Learn More” button.