The Amazing Ten-Frame Series


This exciting four-book series unleashes the power of the ten-frame to foster understanding, build proficiency with base-ten numbers and operations, and develop reasoning and problem solving skills. Students’ hands-on, concept-building engagement with KP Ten-Frame Tiles help them master grade-level standards for number, place value, and operations.


Grade-Level Books

  • The Amazing Ten-Frame: Building Young Children’s Understanding of Number and Operations, Grades K-1
  • The Powerful Ten-Frame: Extending Children’s Understanding of Number and Operations, Grades 2-3
  • The Infinite Ten-Frame: Expanding Students’ Understanding of Whole Numbers and Decimals, Grades 4-5

Tile Tactics, Grades K-5

Tile Tactics: Using the Ten-Frame to Teach Number Concepts, Place Value, and Operations, Grades K-5

Created for coaches, leaders, and teachers, Tile Tactics provides a concise, visual, step-by-step summary of the ten-frame-tile approach to the standards addressed in each of the three grade-level books.

Features of the Grade-Level Books

In the K-1, 2-3, and 4-5 books, each grade-level standards is supported by a set of four activities.

Teacher Training: This page gives teachers up-front, guided, hands-on experience using the tiles before they lead the Hands-On Lesson with students.

Hands-On-Lesson: The hands-on lesson provides a step-by-step process for addressing the standard, beginning by posing a story problem for student-partners to solve with Ten-Frame Tiles.

Problem-Solving Task: A lesson-related task encourages students to work independently, applying their learning to a problem situation in creative ways with strategies and tools of their choosing.

Game: An original, standards-based game affords students the opportunity to apply their learning in an informal and entertaining setting.

Activity sheets and problem-solving tasks are available as downloads.

Each book is designed to be used with KP Ten-Frame Tiles and should be bundled with the appropriate quantity of tiles.


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