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KP® Ten-Frame Tiles

The simple ten-frame is the basis for this remarkable manipulative — a system of groupable, nesting ten-frames that brings the full range of base-ten content to life for students.
  • Make number concepts visible
  • Create hands-on experiences
  • Build deep understanding of operations
  • Connect place value and problem solving

KP® Ten-Frame Programs

Paths to Understanding

KP Mathematics Programs bring transformative learning experiences to students. In each, the ten-frame is the medium through which all number concepts, place value, and operations are taught, an approach we call “Ten-Frame Mathematics.”

Custom Professional Learning for Districts and Schools

KP Mathematics offers customized workshops and coaching designed to meet the specific challenges your teachers and leaders face. We aim to build upon your opportunities for growth and to create experiences that translate to results for students.

Ten-Frame Focused

Ten-Frame Mathematics becomes the centerpiece of workshops and coaching specifically designed to coordinate with and enhance mathematics instruction at each site.

  • District-wide Workshops
  • School-wide Workshops
  • School-based Coaching

KP Program Focused

KP Mathematics offers workshops and coaching focused on successful implementation of their signature programs, ensuring that teachers follow the programs expertly in order to maximize student success.

  • Amazing Ten-Frame Workshops
  • Expeditions to Numeracy Workshops
  • Above & Beyond Workshops
  • Serious Play Workshops