Pairing Up



Commutative and Associative Properties of Addition and Multiplication


Players match cards in commutative pairs, associative pairs, and “double pairs” (pairs of cards having a common sum). The player who collects more pairs (especially “double pairs”) than the other players wins the game.


  • 0-18
  • Beyond 100
  • Fractions
  • Integers
  • Rational numbers


  • 0-81 (SP-006-6)
  • Integers (SP-006-7)

Features and Benefits

Each Serious Play game . . .

  • is available as a download.
  • engages students in active learning.
  • focuses on concepts central to arithmetic and algebra.
  • incorporates the “fun factors” of chance and strategy.
  • promotes abstract and quantitative reasoning.
  • includes versions for a range of content knowledge and skill levels.
  • provides mental math practice.
  • prompts reflective thought about properties.
  • introduces key vocabulary.
  • facilitates “math talk.”
  • supports, reinforces, and enhances classroom learning.

Game Components

Each downloadable game contains . . .

  • game description
  • student-friendly play instructions
  • game board and/or cards
  • answer key
  • blank game board and/or cards for teachers-generated versions

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